Thursday, July 28, 2016

True Detective

On this July day of 2016
The future uncertain,
The summer wind
Blows across my apartment
As the mysterious Lera Lynn
Permeates the airwaves
With her melancholy Nashville drawl
Southern voice and strummed guitar
Lend company to a tired soul
At the fag end of a long day.

Lera Lynn, of True Detective fame
Croons - "This is my least favourite life
The one where I'm out of my mind
The one where you're just out of reach,
The one where I stay and you fly."

35 years on this planet,
Perestroika and Glasnost,
I was around when Reagan exclaimed,
"Mr. Gorbachev, Tear down that wall,"
A future of hope, 
Obama - "Yes We Can!"
We walked away from MAD,
Mutually Assured Destruction
Only to have Osama bin Laden,
Declare his war on the west.
I was awake at 2 am
Aged 20, working on an assignment
At the University of Melbourne,
When, precision strikes
On twin towers
Made Islamic terrorism
The defining headline of the decade.

Defying international law,
Invasions were made
Radar-defeating F-117 Nighthawks 
Flew over Baghdad
And destroyed non-existant
Weapons of mass destruction.
Osama is dead,
The Middle East is a mess,
Saudi Mullahs 
Continue to preach
An abhorrent ideology.
Syria burns, Assad lives
The Land of the Free and 
The Home of the Brave
Manhattan skyline of my youth,
Glistening in the dawn of 
That day on September the 11th
Can do nothing right.

On Capitol Hill,
My beloved Obama, 
Defeated, his hair grey,
Lame-ducks his last few months 
As cretin and presidential nominee
Donald J. Trump
Seeks to build up that wall
To insulate and segregate America
From the rest of the world.
On this side of the Atlantic,
Demagogues and Trump's choirboys,
Brexit and ISIS sing his refrain,
"Make America Great Again."
As airports and subways explode,
They appear to fulfill a prophecy foretold
By Samuel P. Huntington
And his thesis,
A Clash of Civilizations.

Meanwhile, I take refuge in fiction;
Flickering on my apartment wall -
Rust Cohle intones in
A scene from the True Detective ..
"Human consciousness
Is a tragic misstep in evolution,"
As he drives across 
The vast Louisiana floodplain.

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