Wednesday, April 20, 2016

And Just Like That

And just like that.
My time in Leuven might be over,
My contract ends this October.
The 16th, to be exact.
And what do I do after that?
Another post-doc, another university?
Or a stint at a company? 
I'm particular about A.I.
But, a run-of-the-mill programming job
Will not suffice,
Unless, I'm asked to engineer an agent
That uses Q-Learning
To learn how to play dice.
It will help if there's some robotics in the mix,
I love building things - 
A hexapod or a cephalopod,
Two legs, or eight,
I will not discriminate.
In centuries past, I would 
Probably have earned my keep
As a travelling showman, a puppeteer,
With an anatomically correct mechanical Turk
Moving to the tune 
Of a clockwork pianolla.
So, back to my future,
There's the uncertainty
Of what tomorrow will bring,
But there's also the wonder
Of moving on, 
Of taking the next flight out.
To a city by the sea,
Or a cliff-side town,
Which do you think
It will it be?

Jay Chakravarty (April, 2016).

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