Monday, April 27, 2015


From Australia!
From a continent, once that was home.
60 cents and jagged edges
Transmit images from a faraway land.
The MCG,  that modern day gladiatorial arena
Reflected in the Aviators of a cricket fan. 
A kangaroo, in repose, on a sun-drenched beach,
Meditating to the sounds of an antipodal sea.
A man and his retriever
Gaze out to the horizon
As waves break out
On an azure shore.
Body paint on a Wurundjeri adolescent
Marks his entry into adulthood
And the stars of the Southern Cross 
Adorn the cheeks
Of children celebrating the arrival of the First Fleet.
Postage stamps,
A relic from the 20th Century.
In an era of electronic mail,
Adorn the front of an envelope.
They bring back memories from a faraway time,
Scenes from an Imaginary Homeland.
A welcome respite,
From the cares of a European life.

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