Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leuven Bus Routes Deconstructed

The link to bus routes from the KU Leuven site ( gives you this sphagetti-mass of bus routes.

I've extracted from it some routes of interest to me (based on my current destinations), but these criss-cross the city in a north-south and east-west fashion, and connect the main train station to the university (Arenberg campus) and might be useful to other new newbies to the bus system here.

Leuven Bus Routes (map source: Google Maps)

Clicking on a bus stop on Google Maps also gives you a list of bus numbers routing through that stop.
The Leuven bus website, for more timetables: LIJN.
A word of advice: buying a lot of 10 tickets at the train station is 1 euro cheaper per ticket than buying it on the bus.

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